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Monoist: SLTS kernel supporting 64-bit version of Arm core and enabling sustainable social infrastructure use

By In the News

On February 25, 2019, the Civil Infrastructure Platform Project (CIP) announced that a long-term support edition (SLTS) kernel supporting software updates for more than 10 years will also support the 64-bit Arm Cortex architecture. The SLTS kernel can be used in many fields such as automation, machine learning, and AI (artificial intelligence), enabling sustainable use of social infrastructure systems.

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By In the News

The Linux Foundation, which this week welcomed 34 new members including HP, also announced a project called Enabling Linux in Safety Applications (ELISA) to develop open source tools and processes that help companies build and certify Linux-based safety-critical applications and systems. Targeted applications include robotics, medical, smart factories, transportation, and autonomous cars.


ARC Web: Linux Foundation’s Civil Infrastructure Platform Announces New Super Long Term Support Kernel that Advances Automation

By In the News

The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Project hosted by the Linux Foundation announced the release of the Super Long Term Support (SLTS) Kernel. The new kernel expands architectural support for the 64-bit Arm Cortex, which enables developers to use it in a variety of use cases, including building automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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TechRepublic: Renesas’ 10-year Linux support for 64-bit CPUs make it a solid choice for long-term deployment

By In the News

The RZ/G2 series is the first 64-bit reference hardware for Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project, a Linux Foundation group that aims to provide long-term hardware solutions for civil infrastructure use cases, emphasizing security and maintainability of underlying code while addressing security vulnerabilities as they arise.

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Electronic Specifier: Microprocessors deliver performance with long term support

By In the News

The RZ/G2 MPUs feature a combination of high-performance 64-bit MPUs, a comprehensive set of integrated interfaces, Error Checking and Correction (ECC) protection on both internal and external memories, and a full Verified Linux Package (VLP) featuring a Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Super Long Term Support (SLTS) Linux kernel, bundled with a software development environment that binds safety, security, and reliability across the software and hardware.

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