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Civil Infrastructure Platform Announces New Super Long Term Support Kernel that Advances Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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The New CIP SLTS Kernel Expands the Support Architecture to include ARM64 SAN FRANCISCO –  February 25, 2019 – The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Project, which enables long-term management of…

Civil Infrastructure Platform Announces Collaboration with the Debian LTS Initiative and Welcomes Cybertrust as a New Member

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CIP aims to create an interoperable open source software platform that is secure, reliable and sustainable for more than 10 years TOKYO, JAPAN – June 19, 2018 – The Civil…

Industry Leader Moxa joins Civil Infrastructure Platform Project

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Moxa strengthens its commitment to building smart cities based on interoperable open source platform that is secure, reliable and sustainable for more than 10 years SAN FRANCISCO – January 18,…


Renesas RZ/G2M-96CE board adopted as Arm64 reference board for the next CIP SLTS Kernel

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Today, the Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Project is debuting the Renesas RZ/G2M-96CE board, based on the Arm 64-bit architecture, at Embedded Linux Conference. It is the first-ever using Arm 64-bit…

CIP Member Spotlight: Cybertrust

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The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project aims to speed implementation of Linux-based civil infrastructure systems, build upon existing open source foundations and expertise, establish de facto standards by providing a…

Key Learnings at OSS Japan

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Written by Yoshitake Kobayashi, Chair of the CIP TSC and Senior Manager of Open Source Technology Department at Toshiba  On June 20-22, more than 1,000 technologists and open source industry leaders attended…

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Industrial IOT: Civil Infrastructure Technology Leaps Forward with Stronger and Lasting Connectivity

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The Linux Foundation’s Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) Project announced this week their Super Long Term Support (SLTS) Kernel, designed to enable massive implementations which are often put in place for decades of… Embedded Linux Software Highlights from Embedded World

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The Linux Foundation, which this week welcomed 34 new members including HP, also announced a project called Enabling Linux in Safety Applications (ELISA) to develop open source tools and processes…

Data Center Knowledge: New Elisa Project Focuses on Linux In Safety-Critical Systems

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Last week the Linux Foundation, which maintains the Linux operating system and other enterprise-focused open source projects, announced the launch of a new project to make sure Linux-based systems and applications are…