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Welcome as a CIP Member

By June 9, 2021Blog, Work Group

Today, CIP is thrilled to welcome as the newest member of the project. The Civil Infrastructure Platform strives to create an open source “base layer” of industrial-grade software to enable the use and implementation of software building blocks in civil infrastructure projects. Embedded systems are key to the civil infrastructure.’s expertise in IoT and embedded as well as its deep history with open source, make them a welcomed voice to the CIP Project.

“As we enter into an era of ongoing security risks to our most critical infrastructure, things like updates and security are crucial. Now, more than ever, supporting CIP means investing in the long term support and maintenance on the very foundational infrastructure we all rely on, said Yoshitake Kobayashi , Technical Steering Committee Chair of CIP. “For that, we are thrilled to have as a new CIP member”, leading open source company for secured embedded systems provides redpesk®, a software factory in a white box enabling users to speed up and control embedded developments from the initial design cycle until product end of life. works with developers from Industrial IoT markets (automotive, marine, military, energy, aeronautics etc) to help them focusing on the differentiating applications that bring value to their business

“We are thrilled to welcome to the CIP Project. As an organization, they have great experience with helping the very audience CIP also aims to support,” said Urs Gleim, CIP Board Chair. “As members of the CIP Project, we look forward to working together.” 

Interested in becoming a CIP member, learn more here.