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Pro-Linux: The Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project has announced a collaboration with the Debian LTS initiative

By June 20, 2018December 12th, 2018In the News

The Civil Infrastructure Platform , a Linux Foundation collaboration project , was announcedin 2016 and introduced the first version of its code in October 2017 . CIP is a project that directly deals with the lifelines of every modern society, such as infrastructure such as electricity, oil, gas and water pipelines, health care, communication links and transport routes.

At the Open Source Summit Japan, the project has now announced a collaboration with the Debian LTS initiative . The Debian LTS initiative aims to support each Debian release for at least five years, two years longer than would be the case. Since Debian 6, this has always worked as advertised, but funding for this work has been pretty tight at all times. This is likely to change as CIP will support the initiative financially. In particular, CIP aims to work with Freexian , the service company that coordinates the LTS initiative. The goals are to maximize interoperability, security and long-term support for free software for embedded systems.

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